Who Are We?

We're a 20 year old company based in beautiful Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Our business has continually experienced growth every year.

We work directly with manufacturers and keep contracts with them to help us keep costs down and pass on the saving to you. We do this by purchasing in bulk to get the best discounts and we hold our own inventory at our own warehouse located in Oklahoma City. We also do direct shipping of products. We service nation wide.

We currently serve hundreds of supermarkets and restaurants as our main customers are comprised from this business sector. We also service office buildings and warehouses.

What we offer

Great Service, Great products, Great people and satisfaction. Our services include but are not limited to custom reports, historical data mining for your forecasting needs (seasonal). You will talk to a person not a machine guaranteed.

Our Mission Statement

Mega Supply strives to please customers, our efforts are always geared towards simplifying and maximizing efficiencies that make ordering your supplies a snap. Ordering can be a complicated task that can be sometimes overwhelming for some companies. We're here for you, let us help you.